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Welcome to us!


Hjartholm is a small village in Gulen municipality with magnificent views towards the Sognefjord. In 1948 Arne Hjartholm was born and he grew up here with his family. Aa an adult, he took a carpentry trade and lived and worked in Bergen. There he met his Aud who worked in the city as a chef. They got married and moved together.


The longing for Hjartholm was too big, and in 1976 they had the opportunity to buy an old farm on Hjartholm. The farm consisted of old buildings and everything had to be built from the ground up.


From 1973-1979, Aud and Arne got four children. There were tight conditions, but they had visions for the farm and the farmhouse was renovated and a new barn built up. They started with sheep farming and later switched to milk production.


Arne is an energetic guy and has by some called the mole as he is constantly seen in his excavator around areas he owns on Hjartholm. In 1997 he embarked on a large cabin project with invaluable help from his wife Aud. Together they have built up Hjartholm Feriehytter, which is a popular place for people who like fishing and hiking in the mountains.


They decided to stop farming and concentrate on the cabins and new projects. Arne and Aud are so happy with tourism that the dream of Sognefjord Panorama was starting to take shape.


Sognefjord Panorama will be ready for rent in the summer of 2020. Here are four beautiful apartments over 2 levels with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Great terrace where you can enjoy the sunset in the Sognefjord or wind and storm over the fjord. You can access a boat harbor and good gutting space right by the apartments. If there are fewer guests, you can rent a studio apartment at the top, with one bedroom.


In the mid part of the building, there will be a reception/ common area where we, as hosts, can invite to small gatherings, or companies can arrange a conference or meeting in pleasant surroundings.


The Hjartholm family is always ready to welcome the guests and makes sure that their stay is as memorable as possible. Our experience is that the guests come back year after year!


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